Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts

Nov 2014
Project Contemporary Artspace

The singing Aung River  Bali
paint pencil and pastel on paper
152 x 127 cm


Norvill Art Prize
The Murrurundi District Arts Council
Murrurundi NSW

Small Storm
paint pencil and pastel on paper
86 x 86 cm  



Painting by the Aung River Bali Feb 2014


 In Jamberoo, where I live, late summer and early autumn is when we have our most violent storms. I stand in my studio and watch the wind gather the clouds. It’s so easy to understand why certain cultures give so much power to the wind. In violent gusts we see melancholic nature at its most tormented, but also at its most imaginative, most active. From whirlwinds and stormy gusts, bruised clouds and howling winds, poets have imagined the creation of the world.

The Storm paintings are a calligraphic inspired swirl of black, blue-black, and grey acrylics and inks that drip onto papered canvas. They are imagination in motion. Emotional torments within the melancholic reverie. The wind rises from the tormented earth, it is the depiction of our active, demented soul; but it is also positive, as a moving force, a swirling motion of thought and feeling.

There is a forthcoming group show at Janet Clayton. Please come along








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